Sinopec Adv Bearing Grease

Sinopec Adv Bearing Grease

Product Description

Thickened by lithium 12-hydroxystearateSINOPEC ADV Bearing Grease is made from appropriate viscosity refined mineral oil with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors. It's manufactured by especial technical process to ensure highly degree of cleanness. This product possesses extreme low-noise performance, and can effective reduce friction coefficient and noise or vibration value of bearings. According to GB/T7631.8-90(ISO6743/9-1987), it can be classified as follow: L-XBCBA 2.

Features & Benefits

Excellent vibration-reducing property.

Excellent low noise performance. Unique thickener structure guarantee the property of noise-reducing characteristic.

Good rust and corrosion resistant property. Prevent bearings rust during the process of running.

Do not contain any heavy metal and nitrite that will do harm to human's health and won't pollute environment.

Technical specification

Meets the following performance specification: Q/SH303 311_2004.


It is used for rolling bearing of miniature to medium-sized motor and other lower load equipment.

Application temperature range: -20to 120.

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